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ab work outHow to prevent pain in the hips when doing ab work out

The main thing that gives us our flexibility when it comes to doing abdominal exercises is the flexors which are located in our hip. Unfortunately, most people do not get to use these much because exercise levels are generally rather low – which means that the hip flexors can become stiff.

Stretching your hip muscles is an easy way to eliminate this problem; ideally before you go on to do your ab work out. This will prevent the pain in the hip that some people experience when they are exercising. In some cases, it can even lead to the hip clicking which is not something that you want to contend with every time you go to do exercise.

If you are finding that hip pain is becoming a frequent occurrence, ironically it could be because of weak abdominal muscles. Now this is good news because as you exercise your muscles for longer periods of time you pelvis will become more and more stable and hopefully will cease to click.

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Whatever the situation that you may find yourself in when it comes to hip pain, be sure to stop any ab work out routines that you may have in place until you have seen a medical professional.

How to prevent pain in the lower back when you are working with your abs

Even if you are trying your very hardest to strengthen your abdomen, it can be a nightmare when you get a jolting pain in your lower back. Pain in the hips can cause this, but sometimes the problem simply appears on its own.

Over the long term, having good abs can prevent you from having back pain. However, it can be frustrating when you get back pain when you do your ab work out.

Increasing your flexibility is a great way to start. If you try and increase your range of motion you should find that your back can move a lot more easily and will receive less strain when you are doing your exercises. All the same, it is recommended that you keep your back relatively straight when you do your exercises to reduce the chance of straining something.

Remember that if you are trying to build muscles, there are other exercises that you can do apart from working with weights. For example, swimming is a brilliant way of getting into shape. Not only can it be a great ab work out, but it can also be excellent cardiovascular activity which also helps you to boost your all-round health.

In this article, we have looked at the three key areas where pain can occur during exercises which involve the abs: the back, neck and hips.

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