How to avoid pain when you are doing your abs work out

abs work outWhen you are trying to get on the way to better health, the last thing you want is something getting in your way. One thing that definitely shouldn’t happen is pain in other muscles when you are doing abs work out. If this happens, you should normally seek advice from a medical professional or your personal trainer as there could be an issue elsewhere. In this article, we look at typical areas where pain occurs during abs work out and how you can take the right steps to preventing pain in the future.

A handy tip to consider is to let food digest just before you are going to do some abdominal exercises. The last thing you want is to have stomach cramps or ‘stitches’, which can affect the results of any ab work out that you do. That said – by no means should you be avoiding eat food altogether. Remember that your diet and nutrition are key points when it comes to ensuring that the abs work outs that you do are worthwhile and are not a waste of time, which is the last thing that you want.

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How to prevent neck pain when you are doing abdominal exercises

If you are experiencing neck pain when you are doing abdominal exercises, it can usually be down to exerting the neck to force whilst you are doing your abs work out.

For example, some people bring their head and their neck up when it comes to doing their workout which means that your neck and spine are not kept in a straight line like they should be. Lifting your chin to your neck is not part of the exercise and is unnecessary. Remember that lifting your neck can be particularly painful if you put strain on it over the duration of your abs work out.

You are less likely to have strain on your neck if you do some pre-work out exercises on the neck area. This can help reduce any neck pain that you are experiencing, even though the neck does not play a part in abdominal exercises.  Performing lateral flexion by tilting your right ear as far as you can to your right shoulder (without hunching!) and tilting to the other side can help. Doing this five times before a abs work out can resultantly loosen the muscle and prevent tension.

Rotating the neck before your exercises is also a good idea. Without hunching your shoulders, try to bring your chin over your right shoulder. When you have reached as far as you can go, hold the position for three to five seconds before doing the same to your left.

Neck exercises can kill two birds with one stone. Not only can it prevent neck pain in the future but it can also reduce the amount of stiffness you experience when you are moving your neck and can improve the range of motion that you have in the neck.

Lastly, ensuring that your hands remain away from your neck during your abs work out can be a brilliant idea. Putting too much unnecessary pressure on your neck while you are exercising your abs can make the pain in your neck worse and last for much longer.

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