The difference between workouts for women and men

workouts for womenIf you are looking to get fit by building muscle and toning your physique, there are all sorts of different workouts for women and for men, regimes and routines which you can consider to get into shape. It’s no lie that most of the products which are in the fitness industry are for men when it comes to toning the body and building muscle. Some women go on to use these products which can be dangerous as they may be overexerting their bodies in the process. If you are a woman looking to do a men’s program, there are some astute differences to take into consideration, like the frequency of workouts for women, how much weight you lift and how many calories you seek to burn. This article looks in more detail at differences like this, why the differences are necessary and how you can make the appropriate changes to a routine to adapt it to your needs.

Those who are knowledgeable on nutrition will know that the recommended calorific intake workouts for women is 500 less than what a man needs per day. Equally, this means that a woman doing the same exercises as a man could effectively burn too many calories. There are many unwanted implications to this, one of them being malnutrition – which certainly isn’t what you want.

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Things to know in order to adjust the calorific value

If you are using an exercise regime for workouts for women from a book or a website, try and look for the amount of calories that doing the exercise burn per hour. Doing some simple calculations can help you establish what the right amount of exercise would be for you. Taking advice from a personal trainer or nutritionist can also help you determine how many calories you should be aiming to lose from workouts for women.

There are some elements between workouts for women and men where there is no difference…

Sure – if you are a woman, you may need to revise the intensity of the workout to make sure it is appropriate for your body. But generally, if you are looking to work the abs to get a six-pack, the exercises which you should be doing are the same.

…but other elements remain!

Just because similar exercises can enable you to get the six-pack you crave doesn’t mean it will be easier. One principle difference between workouts for women and men is how easy it is to achieve results like a six-pack. Due to the different types of hormone and strands of DNA which are seen in each gender, some men find it easier to establish a six-pack by building muscle than a woman would. Another reason that men have the advantage when it comes to getting results from an abdominal workout is that they usually have a lot less body fat to lose before muscle-building can begin.

Because of the evident advantage that men have, women who wish to build muscles usually consider doing cardiovascular exercise which drives the amount of body fat down to lower levels. From there, it is a lot easier for women to develop their muscles as they wish.

One thing that is considered very unusual is how more women than men attend Pilates classes. Pilates is one of the only exercises which cover a wide range of abdominal movement which exercises the area adequately. It cleverly exercises all of the different muscles in the abdomen to prevent an imbalance of strength which can compromise the efficiency of a workout.

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