The truth about abs review Yes, it is for real

truth about abs reviewWith tens of thousands of products available on the market to help you to get the body you always wanted (and quite a few of these products being bogus), it can seem like a nightmare to get the best advice to get into shape. Here we have the Truth about abs review.

Michael Geary’s book, The Truth About Six Pack Abs, has made efforts to go that one step further to not only address the exercises needed to get fit, but also look at the dietary changes which are needed to get rid of the stubborn fat which surrounds the abdominal area that the truth about abs looks at developing.

The truth about abs is different because it is geared at both men and women – the exercises which are described in the book are unisex. For women, Geary recommends doing weight-lifting exercises with lighter weights. This is because women have fewer calories to burn and hence, do not need as much exercises.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs goes beyond lists of exercises and strict nutritional advice as it gives full-body plans which are scientifically proven and recommended by nutritionists and fitness experts. The reassurance that you are in safe hands when you buy the book for use at home can be extremely reassuring.

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Highlighting some of the myths and best-kept secrets of the fitness world, Michael Geary has included many different shocking details in his book The Truth About Six Pack Abs which include exercises which simply waste time; how to boost your metabolism to a consistent level; 13 nutritional secrets and 60 extremely effective exercises. The shock is that those four details are only the beginning of the useful information you will find in the truth about abs.

The area which the book focuses on, the body fat around the abdominal area, is notoriously stubborn to move. The truth about abs has become relatively popular partially due to the fact that there are tried and tested methods which can help this tough stomach fat to be removed once and for all.

It certainly isn’t a scam. With Michael Geary’s media presence, the testimonials which are on this website and the wealth of free information which is available to tell you more, you cannot go far wrong. Plus, what there is to like is the way that you can try the program for free if you still are not sure whether it is for you. Michael Geary’s website where the product is based,, provides a 21-day free trial as well as a 60-day money back guarantee on top of that.

When you buy the truth about abs, you get many extra eBooks to help you develop and better other areas of the body. These include the books Smoothies for Athletes and Ultimate Stair Workouts, plus five more. The generous asking price of $39.95 for The Truth About Six Pack Abs as well as the seven other bonus books blows the $202.80 cost to buy all eight separately.

The program is verifiable and the value is unbelievable. The truth about abs contains over 117 pages of information which have helped thousands of people to get the level of fitness they want and is aiming to help thousands more. The book, which is only available online through Michael Geary’s official website at the is definitely your starting point for getting the body you deserve.

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  1. I am really thankful to this topic because it really gives great information

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    Thank u for your feedback. Hope u hit the target with some of the exercises on my page. Please let me know how are u doing.